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JustinCostume UK offers lots of Zentai suits, Spider-man costumes, Super-hero Costumes, Halloween Costumes, Fancy dress for sale. Each zentai suit can be custom made by our tailors according to your special request. You may provide your size measurements, or select such as "open eyes or mouth" option.

Zentai suits, you know, become more and more popular these years. So many guys wear zentai suit to do sports, join party, and some special activity. You can choose your favorite zentai costume from our list, from most popular black one to the power black Spidrman 3 outfit. You may enjoy your Zentai as pyjamas, or just let your best friend know. Yes, it is Zentai lifestyle. They make Zentai as fetish because most of them owned more than 2 Zentai costumes.

We are always adding new costumes (zentai suit) to our collection. So you can easily find your favorite costume for you special party, from Halloween to Christmas. Normally the material of each costume is Lycra spandex which is so good for breath, doing sport, enjoying party.

It is free to register at our website. You can benefit from your member id including newsletter, discout code news, and so on. There are no minimun amount or orders when you are shopping. But you can enjoy our discout if you buy more than five items once time. Each costume is custom made even you don't select any custom-made option. It takes about 5 days for this time. But it increases to 7 days at each October because of too many orders for Halloween.

Here is some tips for you to choose zentai suit. First, which one is the most popular? It is the spandex black zentai suit. Maybe it is because of the black colour.

Second, how do I select the extra options? Yeah, it is a question expecially if you are placing your first zentai suit order. Let's explain it. A standard zentai suit is some skin-tight clothing which is full body covered, from head to feet. So how do you breath? How do you see? How do you go to toilet? How do you wear into the suit?

You can see with a standard zentai suit, but not good vision. So you may choose "open eyes" option. The hood can be made singly, that is "hood detachable". There is a two-way back zipper at the back to make you wear in. And you can add crotch zipper. By the way, the zentai suit is unisex, is suitable for men or women. Also, the suit is also can be custom-made with your measurements.